Logitech G923 arrives with the most advanced force feedback system

In just five years we have had to wait to see how Logitech finally announces a new racing wheel, the Logitech G923, with which the company presents its new TrueForce technology, a new high definition force feedback system that connects to a game’s audio and physics engine to deliver an ultra-realistic experience.

Although the Logitech G923 closely resembles the G29 and G920, it features a new force feedback system, designed to provide a more realistic return through the wheel, thanks to integration with the audio and physics engines of a game. The wheel can take those inputs, such as the noise level from a car engine or the surface the wheels are traveling on, and translate them into vibrations that can be felt through the wheel. The company says the electronics inside the wheel can sample inputs up to 4,000 times per second and adjust their force feedback motors accordingly.

Compared to other force feedback systems, TrueForce can provide a greater variety of inputs to the controller. In practice, that means the wheel basically buzzes or vibrates all the time you run, allowing us feel the engine revs stepping on the accelerator or subtle changes in the road while driving. All intended to create an experience more realistic and closer to real life, and of course, much more immersive.


However, it will be the game developers themselves who must integrate Logitech SDK to support TrueForce; otherwise, the wheel will have the same force feedback system as previous versions. Although the company has already anticipated that some of the main driving titles such as GRID, Assetto Corsa Competizione and Gran Turismo Sport They will have support for the system immediately, in addition to the next compatibility of iRacing, F1 2020 and Dirt Rally 2.0, which are expected to add this function during the month of September.

Apart from TrueForce technology, for the aesthetic part the steering wheel is not very different from the previous models. The actual motors and gear mechanisms are the same as those of the G29 and G920, as are the steel shift levers, aluminum spokes, and glass-filled nylon clamps. Although Logitech says it has refined the stitching on the leather wrap, the internal electronics have been updated to handle input from the TrueForce system, in addition to adding a new progressive spring on the brake pedal.

Availability and price

With an unspecified release date but scheduled within the same month of August, we can currently find the Logitech G923 available for your pre-purchase through its official website, low priced at $ 399.99. A figure that although high, remains below the highest segment of this market.

Adding also a wide compatibility with most of the seats and racing accessories of the brand and third parties, in addition to the compatibility with PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One, the company has already confirmed that the Logitech G923 will work with the PlayStation 5. Although at the moment nothing has been confirmed about the new generation of Microsoft consoles.






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