China responds to Trump (and Microsoft) for the TikTok case: it is a robbery

The TikTok case heats up as predicted. The opinion of the Chinese government, which many consider the main target of Trump’s threats in another escalation of the trade war, was missing and has come as an editorial in the state newspaper China Daily.

China rates Trump’s idea (a “very American” TikTok) directly from “Robbery” and “crushing” of the intellectual property of a Chinese company. “Since 2017, the United States has investigated the parent company [TikTok] ByteDance for the acquisition of a social media application … that was integrated as part of TikTok in 2018. However, the White House has found no evidence indicating the violation of any regulation by the Chinese company »they explain.

“By imposing a deadline on the possible agreement [15 de septiembre]Trump has effectively turned the transaction into a liquidation sale, further pressuring Beijing-based ByteDance to give up your business interests and intellectual property at a discount rate«, describes the state newspaper.

Trump’s surreal request to enter the public treasury a part of the cost of the operation “Because without the United States they will have nothing”, has been answered by the editor in chief of the China Daily: “This is an open robbery … The world is watching and God is watching how President Trump is turning the once great United States into a dishonest country”.

The Chinese government threatens to have “Many ways to respond if the Trump administration carries out its planned crush and assault on TikTok”, but the truth is that we don’t know which ones unless retaliate against the great American tech companies.

The TikTok case is for study … Imagine it was the opposite. China accuses Amazon (Google or Facebook or Apple) of a threat to national security for its relations with the United States government and forces a sale operation with a period of one month where a Chinese giant, say Alibaba, would take control of All or a part of Google at a lower cost than the market itself, greatly improving its position in electronic commerce. Would it be a scandal?

You already know our opinion. If TikTok is a real threat to “national security” as the White House maintains – without proof – the short video service should have been suspended immediately. Everything else, threatening to block it if they don’t sell it to Microsoft and demanding a piece of the cake, smells rotten from minute one. On the other hand, it is known that our data is not safe in China, Russia or the United States and its governments. they spy on everything that moves in the digital universe. And Trump is not spared: see the NSA and the connection with the American giants.






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