Apple relieves Phil Schiller as chief marketing officer

Phil Schiller will leave his position as chief marketing officer and it is important because this section is a matter of status at Apple. The Cupertino giant has cemented its success in hardware design, integration with software and user experience that few match, but just as important has been the way of “Sell” the product.

Phil Schiller will step down as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and will be replaced by another department veteran, Greg “Joz” Joswiak, previously Vice President of Product Marketing and with two decades of experience in various positions in Cupertino.

Phil Schiller has been with Apple for 33 years And he’s one of the employees of the Steve Jobs era. He has been climbing positions to become one of the most important executives of the company and it has been frequent to see him face the public at Apple events, the last time at the World Developers Congress that this year was held virtually by the global pandemic. COVID-19.

«I started at Apple when I was 27 years old, this year I turned 60 and it is time to make some changes in my life», Schiller has commented in a press release. “I will continue working here, but I also want to spend some time in the coming years with my family, friends and carry out some personal projects that interest me deeply”he points out.

Despite his comments, do not think that Schiller is going on vacation, because he will continue to be in charge of the App Store. The app store is a gold mine, the most profitable on the planet, but is under pressure for its revenue-sharing model and monopoly charges.

The same CEO, Tim Cook, as the top executives of Google, Amazon and Facebook did, had to testify in the United States Congress to try to explain to their lordships why they should not be accused of monopoly practices and abuse of a dominant position. The testimony of the Big Tech bosses is actually one of the highlights of an investigation that has been going on for years and that must end with a regulatory framework and even the “chunking” of some of these giants.

Phil Schiller will have to deal with it and report directly to Tim Cook. The Apple boss has defended his work as it could not be otherwise: “Phil has helped make Apple the company it is today and his contributions are vast, vast, and profound. In this new role, he will continue to provide the incredible partnership of thought and guidance that has defined his decades at Apple ».

The marketing change takes place after the departure of another of the great executives of the Jobs era, the person in charge of design Jony Ive who left the company to create his own company. It is difficult to know the extent of these changes. And the real reasons.

As for Greg “Joz” Joswiak, he is another veteran with almost 20 years of service to Apple. The global vice president of marketing is a considerable promotion keeping in mind what this department means at Apple, with responsibility in product management, product marketing, developer relations, market research, business management, as well as education, business and international marketing.






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