Sony WH-1000X M4 revealed through leaked promotional video

Despite the fact that most of the eyes continue to focus on its next console, Sony has had some bad luck with another of its next major releases, the Sony WH-1000X M4, which already accumulate a series of quite substantial leaks. Although without a doubt the last leak of Sparrow News, with advance publication of the first promotional video of the headphones, in which of course, we can see some of the details and main functions of the same, which seem to confirm the specifications already leaked over the past few days.

As the name implies, they are the successors to the current WH-1000XM3, one of the favorite wireless headphones among users, thanks to their tremendous sound quality, ergonomics, and easy portability and storage. So, the WH-1000X M4 is expected to present some 40mm HD hybrid drivers with a frequency response of up to 40 kHz, as well as real-time audio enhancement thanks to the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE).

Also, the Sony WH-1000X M4 will support Sony’s patented LDAC Bluetooth codec, will support 990 kbps bit rate data transmission.

We meet again with the presence of noise sensor technology, this time enhanced with a dual system, which will help to block more unwanted environmental noise without affecting the experience of the headphones themselves, and thanks to the processor of HD QN1 noise cancellation, already present in several of its current models.

In addition, the Sony WH-1000X M4 will feature adaptive sound control, which will automatically adjust the ambient sounds according to the activity. For example, the headphones will allow for some ambient noise while walking (which is necessary for safety), while when sitting on a bus or train, the headphones will offer a higher lockout by removing all ambient noise for a clearer experience. and calm.

Although just as surprising will be the new automated feature “Talk to chat”, which will allow the headphones to pause the audio from the microphone only when it detects that the user is speaking, thus preventing ambient noise from leaking into calls.

However, we will continue to have touch controls located on the sides of the headphones, in addition to active control and various smart functions that extend beyond the integration of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

What does surprise us is that the Sony WH-1000X M4 will maintain the same autonomy of up to 30 hours of play of its predecessor, adding the only improvement of the support of fast charge, allowing the headphones to add five hours of audio playback with just 10 minutes in the charger.

Availability and price

Sony is expected to officially release the WH-1000M X4 noise-canceling headphones next Thursday August 6, although no details on its starting price have been released at the moment. Additionally, it should be noted that on that same date Sony already has its PS5 State of Play event scheduled, so there is still the possibility that these headphones will be presented along with some new compatibility function with its new console.






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