Huawei GameCenter, the Chinese giant continues its way without Google

The US veto against Huawei is having important consequences in the smartphone sector, and the Huawei GameCenter It has undoubtedly been one of the most important. I put you in situation, because we test in a very curious situation for everything that should have happened, and for what has really happened.

When the Trump Administration launched a veto against Huawei that prevented it from accessing Google Mobile Services, many thought that the Chinese giant was going to fall with the same forcefulness as a metal thrown against a concrete floor, but the reality has been totally different. The Chinese giant knew how to rely on its application store, the AppGallery, and on a customized version of Android with alternative services to offer users a good user experience, including despite pre-installing an «Android without Google«.

As most of our readers will know, Huawei has successfully overcome all the obstacles that the United States has placed on it, in fact it closed last quarter as the world’s largest seller of smartphones, thanks to its huge presence in China, one of the markets that has recovered the fastest from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Huawei GameCenter: a significant investment in own content

Over the last few quarters, Huawei has made significant investments to improve its application and development ecosystem around the AppGallery, a movement that confirms that they are not willing to give up, and that if can’t count on the google app store have no fear of push your own alternative. Yes, it is a slow process, but if they complete it they could end up really competing with the Google Play Store.

It is what I have said on other occasions, when you try to corner a giant like Huawei, it is normal for it to respond and take advantage of its resources to get ahead no matter how hard you try to leave it with no options. In this case, the most interesting thing is that, in the end, Google could end up being the big loser, Since Huawei is one of the most important players in the Android-based mobile device sector, and blocking the Google Play Store in them implies giving up an important source of income.

Returning to the Huawei GameCenter we have an important bet by the Chinese giant for enhance their own services and content. In this case everything revolves around games, and it is that Huawei has signed agreements with important developers such as Gameloft, Lilith, IGG and Forshow to develop exclusive content for users of their smartphones.

The Huawei GameCenter is available through the AppGallery, the Huawei application store, and will allow you to enjoy important benefits like early access to highly anticipated games, such as Starship Legion-AMG, BORN AS EPIC, Farm Legend, Survival Road and Ellr Land, among others, and will feature other well-known games that are very popular, such as Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of Zodiac, Perfect World and Asphalt 9: Legends – Epic Car Action Racing Game.

Huawei is estimated to have a user base of about 700 million people, a figure more than enough to attract major developers and to encourage them to create exclusive content on that Huawei GameCenter. Players will also be able to get exclusive rewards, ranging from gold coins (or currencies of each game) to accessories and valuable objects, and create communities to connect with other players. There is no doubt, Huawei is going for it.






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