Donald Trump demands a “very American” TikTok and wants money for the purchase operation

The TikTok thing is the ‘soap opera’ of the summer and in case we had any small doubt of the outcome, Donald Trump has finished clearing it. Or the short video service becomes “Very American” before September 15 or it will be blocked in the United States and we also assume in its satellite countries.

We were already saying in MCPRO a few days ago “Microsoft would buy TikTok if the Trump blockade allowed it … or thanks to him”. Now we know that it will be the second. Forget about “national securities …”. This is pure and simple commerce, and Trump, despite his appearance and tone outs on Twitter, plays well in that field. Of course, with marked letters.

TikTok: Very American and Treasure Money

Trump has blessed the Microsoft buyout operation after a phone conversation with Satya Nadella last weekend. The President has changed his mind (or so they say) and approves the potential deal With which Microsoft will take over a part of the most popular social network of the moment and will boost its consumer services, impoverished despite Xbox compared to the great impulse of everything it offers for the professional segment.

“China cannot control TikTok, for security reasons. Too big, too invasive. And it can’t be. And here is the deal. I don’t care if, whether it’s Microsoft or someone else, a big company, a safe company, a very American company, buy it«Trump has explained.

The president suggests that Microsoft (or another) buy the entire company and not only 30% as it had been managing: “It is probably easier to buy everything than to buy 30%. Because I say how is 30% doing? Who will get the name? The name is hot, the brand is hot. And who is going to get the name? How do you do that if you are owned by two different companies? Therefore, my personal opinion was that it is probably better to buy everything instead of buying 30%. I think buying 30% is complicated ».

It will seem surreal to you that the president of a country makes this type of public statement, but it suits you better, wants money for the operation: “I told [a Nadella] that if you buy it, whatever the price, that goes to whoever owns it, because I suppose it is China, essentially, but more than anything, I told him that a very substantial part of that price will have to come to the United States Treasury . Because we are making this deal possible. At this time they have no right, unless we give it to them. So, if we are going to give them the rights, then money has to come in, this country has to come ».

And it explains more: “It’s kind of like [relación] owner-tenant. Without a lease, the tenant has nothing. So they pay what is called “key money” or pay something. But the United States must be reimbursed, or paid a substantial amount of money, because without the United States they have nothing, at least having to do with 30% ».

Incredible, but true: that’s Trump. The result of all this is that ByteDance, the Chinese company responsible for TikTok, is under increasing pressure to reach an agreement with Microsoft before September 15. Whether for 30% to operate in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand or with 100% of the company.

This way of doing business is not bad huh !!! The most powerful guy on the planet accuses (without evidence) a rival spy company, threatens to block it, and demands that one of “his” companies take control. The operation is ready. And if he gets money for the Treasury it is already to pay him a tribute.






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