XCY Mini PC Stick, a pocket computer for 138 euros

Chinese manufacturer XCY is specialized in computers compact desktops, but the company’s latest model is the smallest yet. It’s called the XCY Mini PC Stick and it promises a functional PC in a size slightly larger than a USB stick.

If you remember the Intel Compute Stick this development will sound familiar to you. It is a pocket computer that connected to an HDMI port and with peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard turns any television or monitor into a fully functional computer with support for Windows and Linux.

The XCY Mini PC Stick follows Intel’s concept and design, including a small fan to keep temperatures under control. Mount a CPU Celeron N4100 (Gemini Lake series) with four processing cores and frequencies up to 2.4 GHz, integrated Intel UHD 600 graphics and only 6 watts of TDP consumption. It should be enough for web browsing, basic computing and multimedia playback.

It is accompanied by 4 Gbytes of LPDDR4-2133 RAM and 128 GB of internal storage in eMMC 5.1 format, expandable with microSD cards. Among its connectivity elements we can mention WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.2, two USB 3.0 ports to which you can connect peripherals, a 3.5 mm audio connector and an HDMI 2.0 port which is the one we use to connect to the screen .

Once Intel gave up the development of its Compute Sticks other companies have followed the path of these extreme MINI-PCs and we have already seen others like the MinisForum S41. They all have the same goal. Provide the user with a functional computer that can be carried anywhere in a pocket and click on a television or computer monitor.

XCY Mini PC Stick, availability and price

XCY Mini PC Stick is available from retailers like AliExpress for a price that is affordable for any pocket: 138 euros. XCY cites support for Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux, although we assume that in the same way you can install other operating systems such as Windows 7 or alternative GNU / Linux distributions.

XCY Mini PC Stick

It is not for all uses or for all users, but the concept is fantastic: a complete functional PC that you can carry anywhere in a pocket and connect it to a screen via HDMI.






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