Web browsers: Chrome sweeps, Edge disappoints and Firefox deepens the crash

The main conclusion of the month is that Google continues to expand its domain in web browsers, essential applications used by billions of users and whose positioning offers great advantages for the respective search engines and access to most of the billionaire advertising pie. on-line.

Since Chrome It surpassed Internet Explorer at the head of the market, it has not stopped growing and in July it reached a new peak, monopolizing the 71.11% share. If no one prevents it, it will continue to grow on the desktop and the same on mobile phones, where it has a share of close to 65%, although here it must be mentioned that it takes advantage of Android’s monopoly.

The second was Edge. Despite a slight rise above 8% it is still a disappointing result for the best browser in Microsoft history. The Redmond firm still does not take advantage of the Chromium treatment to reduce the share of its main rival, nor all the actions (some with bad arts) taking advantage of the monopoly of Windows 10 on computer desktops.

There is no good news for Mozilla either. Firefox it fell again to 7.36% in a negative trend that has accumulated in the last two years. Those responsible for Firefox feared – rightly so – that its development would be left in no man’s land once Microsoft bet on Google as its base for Edge and users and developers abandoned what is currently the only real alternative to Chromium.

The Internet explorer They rose slightly above 5%, although they are developments to extinguish once Microsoft does not consider them as web browsers and only maintains them for reasons of business compatibility. Your quota is likely to end up moving to Edge in the coming quarters.

Regarding the Safari Apple maintains positions above 4%, although it is irrelevant in desktop web browsers since it only has a presence on Mac computers. The development of Cupertino does have a large presence on mobile phones and occupies more than a quarter of the market.

Opera, another development based on Chromium and that went through good times years ago, also does not take off and has been months below regional developments such as QQ or Sogou Explorer. The sale of property from Norway to a Chinese consortium and the concentration around the majors has not helped.

In summary and following the trend of previous months in web browsers: Chrome sweeps, Edge disappoints and Firefox deepens the fall.







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