Windows 10 2004 bugs: Microsoft has already solved almost all

It seems like a lie, but We have been talking about the multiple failures of Windows 10 2004 for several monthsYou could almost say that from practically the moment of the arrival of this expected May Update. Problems with the Internet connection, problems with the HDR mode, problems with the OneDrive cloud storage service … problems and more problems that have tarnished what should have been a major update, have cast a shadow in the celebration of the five Years of Windows 10 and even (and more than welcome) has caused Microsoft to consider prioritizing the quality of updates over the frequency of updates. Quite a success in my opinion.

Fortunately, it seems that those of Redmond have taken good note and, during these months, hThey’ve been working to fix all those Windows 10 2004 bugs, in order to allow users who have already been updated to use their system normally, and those who have not yet been updated, precisely because they are waiting for such solutions, can finally make the leap to the most updated version of the operating system.

According publish MSPowerUser today, the vast majority of Windows 10 2004 bugs would already be resolved, and the solution to them would come with cumulative update KB4568831. According to Microsoft, only four problems remain that have been detected and have not yet been rectified:

  • Problems updating or starting devices when aksfridge.sys or aksdf.sys are present.
  • Dragging with the mouse in some applications can cause problems for some IME users.
  • Errors or problems during or after updating devices with Conexant ISST audio drivers.
  • Errors or problems during or after updating devices with certain Conexant audio drivers.

Despite the plethora of bugs in Windows 10 2004, the update rate has been quite good, at the end of July and according to the consultancy AdDuplex, Windows 10 2004 already exceeds 11% of market share, a very positive figure if we take into account that the deployment of the update has been progressive, and that many users have also shown leery of updating until all identified problems, or at least the most important ones, are corrected.

Thus, it can be expected that with the arrival of update KB4568831 and the consequent solution to the failures of Windows 10 2004, in a few months we will see an interesting increase in the numbers of systems updated to the latest version of Windows. And it makes perfect sense, since the problems solved, users finally make the jump to the most updated version of the system.







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