Three months of free Stadia with your Chromebook

Three months Free Stadia is what Google is offering Chromebook users, they report in Engadget. A promotion with which the Internet giant wants to make two of its products in vogue more attractive: Chrome OS through the devices that distribute it as an operating system and its brand new gaming platform by streaming.

According to what they say, the three months of free Stadia extend to the entire park of current Chromebooks, that is, not only to new purchases, as long as it is a Chromebook whose version of the system was released from June 2017. It also refers to the Stadia Pro subscription model, which they are now promoting with the Premium Edition package.

In fact, just a month and a half ago, Google lowered the price of Stadia Premium Edition, which includes a Google Chromecast Ultra and the Stadia remote, and which now costs 99.99 euros. Once the first month of trial is consumed, the price is that of the Stadia Pro subscription, 9.99 euros per month and a 10 euro discount on the first game purchased.

It should be remembered that the Stadia Pro subscription offers a limited catalog of games included in the price, but there are still many other titles that have to be paid separately to be able to play them. The same goes for the current free Stadia promotion for Chromebook users, which, as expected, does not include any peripherals.

However, Google is working to boost its cloud gaming platform and this is another opportunity to do so; and the same thing happens with its Chrome OS and Chromebooks, which are increasingly well accepted in both the professional and home markets. Just yesterday we were talking about the support of Windows applications in which they work with Parallels.

Thus, offering a free Stadia period has its logic in a double sense, since precisely Chromebooks are devices designed to work with content in streaming and one of the shortcomings of Chrome OS is games, entertainment that is still largely monopolized by Windows. If you have a Chromebook that meets the demands, take a look here to find out more.







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