Netflix adds option to alter video playback speed

In the style of YouTube, Netflix has implemented the option of speed up or slow down the video playback speedThus agreeing to demand for a “feature has been in high demand by members for years,” said Keela Robison, vice president of product innovation at Netflix.

In essence, Netflix will allow you to alter the playback speed of all your videos with a margin from 0.5 to 1.5That is, speeding up or slowing down the playback speed by 50%, somewhat less than what can be done on YouTube and with other limitations so as not to excessively pervert the activity.

For example, you will have to choose a different playback speed than normal for each video, since it will not be kept as a default option and when the viewing of a movie or chapter has finished, the normal playback speed will return to the default one.

This function will start to extend starting today in the Netflix Android app and later it will come to iOS. For the Netflix TV application, however, there is no planned implementation date, or even plans that point to it, which is a bit out of line with the justifications that the company is using.

Indeed, Netflix assures that being able to change -usually accelerate- the playback speed is a feature long demanded by its users, but since it became known that they were considering taking it forward, many names in the film industry opposed it, claiming that it is a way to distort the work.

On Netflix they responded more or less with that “the customer is always right” and have used the time to cover themselves after the reactions they have expressed from the national-American associations of the blind and deaf, where they value the change positively, although it is not an improvement that has been promoted in favor of accessibility.

«Most important of all, our tests show that consumers value the flexibility it provides, whether it’s by re-watching their favorite scene or slowing things down because they are watching captions or are hard of hearing“Robison points out in statements to The Verge.

«We have also taken into account the concerns of some creators. That is why we have limited the range of playback speeds and we require members to vary their speed every time they see something new, instead of correcting their settings based on the last speed they used Robison explains.







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