Google Pixel 5a: first signs of life

Yes, you read correctly, Google Pixel 5a, I have not been confused. I know that during the last days we have talked a lot about the Google Pixel 4a, and we already know that it will be released next Monday, August 3. Obviously, and as corresponds to the times in which we live, despite the fact that it has not been presented, we already know practically everything about its technical specifications and, probably, Monday’s event will serve, mainly so that we can confirm everything that, in some way, So, we have been getting to know it from different sources over the last few months.

And yes, I repeat, I’m talking about the Google Pixel 5a, not the Google Pixel 5, of which at the moment we have a hypothesis of its design, which could be built around a Snapdragon 765G (which could penalize its performance). Well, and that to maintain the usual life cycle of its products, Google should present it sometime in October. Nothing is certain, of course, at the moment we are talking about theories and leaks, we do not know if they are correct or not until the day of their presentation arrives.

So Google Pixel 5a? Yes, according to Publish 9to5Google today, we have concrete evidence that Google is working on a mid-range phone, the Google Pixel 5a, which if there are no changes, you should see the light in the middle of next year. The origin of this information is found in a code change in the Android Open Source Project, where a developer makes direct mentions to the full line of Google Pixel phones and with which version of Android they were launched or will be released.

In said entry, which has already been removed, you could find a list of devices with the Pixel models that we already know although they have not yet been presented, Pixel 4a (in its 4G and 5G variants) and Pixel 5, but also a direct mention of the Google Pixel 5a model, of which until now there was no news.

And what is this first mention of the Pixel 5a telling us, when it may still take around a year for it to see the light? Well for starters we know that Google is already working on the mid-range version of the Pixel 5 and, for the dates, well precisely that, that except incidents would see the light next year. Oh, and of course, an important detail that reinforces this conclusion: From the list we verify that it will have Android R (11), and not Android 12, which presumably will be released in the autumn of next 2021.

At the moment, obviously, we do not know anything about its technical specifications, design, price … nothing, only that Google is already working on the Pixel 5a, when the 4a has not yet officially seen the light. From here, of course, the field opens up so that, in the coming months, we begin to receive the first leaks about the future mid-range smartphone from Google. We await you with open arms.







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