Xbox Series X will allow free online play and Xbox Live Gold will disappear, according to a rumor

We recently saw that Xbox Live Gold could end up disappearing entirely, and that with the launch of Xbox Series X at Microsoft they could embark on a whole new adventure focused on a much more interesting and attractive range of services for the user, with the Game Pass as the central pillar.

There is still nothing confirmed by the Redmond giant, but it seems that we were not misled. According to Jeff Grubb, one of the most reliable sources in the world of leaks focused on consoles and video games, Xbox Live Gold will come to a better life with the launch of Xbox Series X. This will have an important consequence, and that is that the online game on said console will become completely free. Yes, you read correctly, for free.

If this is confirmed, we will be facing one of the most important, and most expected, changes within the video game sector. I don’t have to remind you the number of times that Sony and Microsoft have been criticized for imposing a monthly fee to be able to enjoy the games on their consoles in online mode, so I don’t have to explain why it would be such a relevant move.

Xbox Series X with free online game: Sony should pick up the gauntlet

The value of Xbox Series X would be greatly enhanced with a completely free online game mode, so much so that Sony would be forced to collect, in one way or another, the “glove” that Microsoft would have shot him “in the face.”

The logical thing would be for Sony to do the same, that is, to offer free online game with PS5, but the Japanese company could take advantage of its position, and its reputation, to maintain the paid online game by integrating it with other services, or adding elements that reinforce its valuer and that they make the user believe that he really pays for them, and not for online gaming.

We will see how the situation evolves in the coming months, but of course this information could turn the sector upside down, provided it is confirmed. Microsoft is one of the easiest companies to take this step, not only because of the enormous amount of resources it has, but also because it openly recognized that he doesn’t mind making sacrifices and losing money during the first phase of the Xbox Series X life.

As I have said on other occasions, the war of the new generation consoles is not going to be decided by the reputation of one system or the hardware of another, in the end it will all add up. Backward compatibility, exclusive games, sale price and services will be the big keys that will end up deciding who will be the winner within the new generation. Shall we bet? Leave your winner in the comments.







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