Original Animal Crossing was going to have human NPCs.

As data continues to appear in Nintendo Gigaleak, models are discovered for Animal Crossing Original suggesting that the game originally had human NPCs.

For the past week, Nintendo gamers and video game enthusiasts alike have been keeping a close eye on their favorite news sites as more details and information emerge about the massive ‘gigaleak’.

For Animal Crossing, an unused cat villager was discovered in the original game code, but that’s no longer the biggest development when it comes to Animal Forest. It turns out that human NPCs were planned in the early stages of game development.

Earlier this week, two posts on the site 4Chan They shared files containing a large number of Nintendo game compilations and concepts over the years. Although it is currently unknown how this user obtained this data. This massive leak of Nintendo’s first game prototypes began to circulate online and became known as Nintendo Gigaleak.


Animal Crossing uniting people

Now, people have started coming together to merge the many gigabytes of data thrown into this Nintendo leak. TV, the developer who previously discovered Catty, the unused cat villager, has now also discovered another important find for Animal Forest – two human NPCs. After compiling the models, he found a SOLDIER and OBA.

While the character SOLDIER, dressed in his Royal Guard-inspired uniform, he explains himself as to who they were. OBA is a little more difficult to locate. Many speculate that OBA he is a farmer.

In recent months, there have been regular leaks of Nintendo source codes. However, the difference here is that Gigaleak has mainly been compilations of older SNES and N64 games. While the previous leaks have been for newer hardware like the 3DS source code.

Currently, Nintendo has received no word on whether it plans to take legal action against those who leaked this data.






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