Newskill Nemesis V2 updates its XL mats with new materials, software and a white model

Having resumed the year with a very complete summer, Newskill still has some cartridges with which to surprise us, such as the arrival of las new Newskill Nemesis V2, the update of its large gaming mats that, in addition to a renewal of materials, come with an improvement for its lighting software and the Nemesis V2 Ivory, the company’s first white mat.

Newskill Nemesis V2 Specifications

  • materials: Low-friction, high-resistance microfiber
  • Base: Non-slip rubber
  • Dimensions: 960 x 360 mm with 4 mm thickness
  • Weight: 540 grams
  • Connectivity: two meter microUSB to USB-A cable
  • Others: Customizable RGB lighting

Both Nemesis V2 mats stand out for their surface made of extremely fine pressed microfibers, which will provide us with a better glide at a higher speed without sacrificing the precision of our movements. An advantage that will become key in each game, and especially in those more demanding titles such as shooters, MOBAs, and other competitive games.

All this under the comforting assurance that, despite the roughness of our movements, the 4-millimeter non-slip natural rubber base will maintain perfect adherence to the mat.

In addition, another of the great advantages of the new Nemesis V2 is your Plug and Play system, with which we will only have to worry about connecting it to the computer to start enjoying all its RGB lighting functionalities, without the need to install any type of driver or software. Although we will have the support of custom software, with which we can opt for greater control of it for color changes and the different effects and predetermined modes.

Availability and price

We can already find both mats Nemesis V2 and Nemesis V2 Ivory for pre-purchase through the official website of Newskill, under a price of 29.95 euros, and soon we can find them also available in other distributors such as PcComponentes and Amazon.






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