Apple confirms delays in iPhone 12 launch, but presents record financial results

IPhone 12 launch will be delayed “a few weeks”, according has confirmed the company’s chief financial officer, Luca Maestri, at the presentation of financial results that – for a change – are record in income and benefits.

Apple jealously guards internal information, and it’s not unusual for a Cupertino brand executive to publicly discuss the product launch timeline. In fact, it is the first time that Apple has reported in advance a delay in the arrival of its line of smart phones.

The delay in the launch of iPhone 12 is not worrying if, as the executive says, it is simply a few weeks. Apple could still hold its presentation conference in September as has been the norm in previous years and postpone effective availability to October. If the new mobiles do not arrive until December, as some media say, the delay could be a problem.

It is unknown whether Apple will also delay the launch of other products such as the new smartwatch. Watch Series 6, planned next to the new terminals. It is obvious that the COVID pandemic and the temporary closure of production plants will affect Apple as well as other companies.

Despite the coronavirus and falling sales of the global smartphone market (its main source of income), Apple continues to show a impressive fortress as evidenced by the results of its third fiscal quarter (April to June). Apple posted quarterly revenue of $ 59.7 billion and earnings of $ 11.253 billion. Although compared to the previous quarter, also affected by the pandemic, the improvements are strong, 18% and 12% respectively in income and benefits.

“We are aware that these results stand out clearly during a time of real economic adversity for companies, large or small, and certainly for families”, explained Tim Cook, who of course brought out a quarter that few could expect to be so positive: “In times of uncertainty, this performance is a testament to the important role our products play in the lives of our customers and to Apple’s relentless innovation.”.

Apple grew both in the sale of products and services, an increasingly important section in the company and which is supporting the slowdown in the growth of mobile sales. He stood out above the rest the 22% increase in sales of Mac computers. It is something we have seen in other companies. The increase in telecommuting due to the pandemic it has caused an improvement in the sale of computers, especially laptops. The sale of tablets and that of the services division with the App Store and Apple TV as stars also increased significantly.

Apple’s results grew in all geographic areas, with international sales outside its main market (USA) that already represented 60% of the quarter’s revenues. With this level of benefits we have already lost the cash account that Apple has in the box. Obviously, you can afford a delay in launching iPhone 12 as long as it is moderate.






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