Sony believes PS5 has already won a war that hasn’t even started

Sources within the Taiwan supply chain have confirmed that Sony has very high expectations for PS5, to such an extent that the Japanese company expects to place 120 million consoles within five years.

We are going to put that objective in perspective, and for this we need Compare it with the results that PS4 has obtained. As of today, said console totals around 110 million units sold, a figure that has accumulated in almost seven years of life. If we look at both numbers we will realize that Sony, and analysts, are being very optimistic with PS5, perhaps too much.

Sony hopes to sell more PS5 units than PS4, and in much less time. Of course, the console of the Japanese company starts with important advantages, since it has been the undisputed winner of the current generation and has garnered a better reputation among gamers, which makes its successor generate more interest among users. With Xbox Series X the opposite happens due to the failure, in quotes, of Xbox OneBut this does not mean that the game is decided, nothing is further from reality.

Let’s go back to the past for a moment. When Microsoft launched Xbox, it had approximate sales of 24.5 million units, while PS2 exceeded 160 million consoles sold. The difference was huge, so much so that nobody could anticipate what would end up happening with PS3 and Xbox 360, two consoles that, in the end, ended up practically harvesting a tie, since the first sold about 87 million units and the second 84 million units.

Those results made us think that the current generation was going to be very close, but nothing was further from reality. The conclusion that I want you to draw from this little historical analysis is that we cannot take anything for granted, and that nothing is decided Because a console has wiped out a previous generation, in the end each new generation is presented as a blank book, as a new opportunity.

Xbox Series X and PS5: power, games and services

Those are going to be the three key points that will define the value of both consoles, and that will determine, in the end, their real value for the user. There is no doubt that Xbox Series X has more powerful hardware, and that this will end up being noticed in the medium and, above all, in the long term. I also think that Microsoft has a more interesting approach when it comes to services, thanks to the Game Pass, and which has made a more attractive proposal with backward compatibility.

However, at the moment I am clear that Sony wins exclusive games. I must admit that the presentation made by the Japanese company at the time, where they also showed the final design of the PS5, I liked much more than Microsoft’s. I really wanted to see Halo Infinite, and in the end I got, like many other fans of the franchise, a huge disappointment. Microsoft has said that it was an early build and that they are going to improve it, but frankly, I would have stood still before showing that, especially when you know you have a thousand eyes on you.

Microsoft has done a lot of things well with Xbox Series X, and has known how to avoid all the mistakes it made with Xbox One, but it still does not finish hitting the games. During the last event dedicated to Xbox Series X we saw very interesting titles, in fact I really want to get the hang of it The Medium, but the Redmond giant still It has much to improve in this regard.

Before finishing I leave you another important fact for comparative purposes, and that is that, according to analysts, Xbox Series X should sell a total of between 60 and 70 million units in its first five years, that is to say, 50% less than PS5. Will these provisions be met? Only time will answer that question.







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