Sony announces its first “Ready for PS5” TVs

The arrival of the new generation of consoles is getting closer, and after what was shown in the latest presentations of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it seems that the technical leap will be something really remarkable. That is why Sony has wanted to take advantage to announce their first “Ready for PS5” televisions, a small badge with which the company intends to highlight a series of products specially optimized for the needs of its new console, and which for the moment will be limited to just two televisions: the Sony X900H LED 4K HDR Full Array and Z8H LED 8K HDR Full Array.

Starting with the Sony X900H, we came across a panel between 55 and 85 inches, with a maximum resolution of 4K and a refresh rate of 120 Hz which, according to the Japanese company, will be able to support its games at a rate of 120 fps (or at least they will, since a future Bravia firmware update still unpublished will be linked). Similarly, the company also says that the television has a “very low” entry delay of just 7.2 milliseconds, which although it is quite low within the television segment, is still being surpassed by other models.

For its part, the Sony Z8H have identical capabilities in terms of refresh rate and frame rates per second, with resolution being their main differentiator, reaching 8K on these models.


Thus, another of the novelties and optimizations “Ready for PS5” of these televisions comes with the inclusion of a new game mode, which according to the company, will allow us to play PS5 games with noticeably lower latency. In addition, the connectivity between television and console will allow us to also perform other additional actions such as wake up both devices using only the DualSense controlleras well as increased (although still limited) control of the PS5 via the TV’s remote control.

However, while these are quite useful functions, nor can we speak of a true scoop. And there are currently many televisions that allow us to “wake up” and turn on the screen when detecting the start of one of the connected devices such as the console; and we can even find some applications within the PlayStation 4, such as Disney +, in which you can already use the TV remote instead of the DualShock.

All this makes us wonder if this new “Ready for PS5” certification, limited for the moment exclusively to the company’s own products, is really about a mere marketing strategy to take advantage of the hype of the consoles to sell us the complete pack.

Currently available through the Sony web store and other retailers, we can find the Sony X900H low starting price of $ 999.99 for your 55-inch model, reaching a maximum price of up to $ 2,799.99 for its 85-inch model. Some figures that although in themselves are something to consider, are still far from the price Sony z8h, which will start from $ 5,999.99 for your 75-inch model, and will go up to a whopping $ 8,999.99 on its huge 85-inch screen.






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