Qualcomm hints at a new delay for the iPhone 12 5G

Despite the general downturn in the smartphone market, Apple has remained stoic in the face of the COVID-19, not only launching its products on time, but maintaining superior sales to its rivals. However, it seems that iPhone 12 is not running the same fate, accumulating some delays, and can now add a new date change.

A news that, although I seem to be unrelated, has come thanks to Qualcomm results presentation For this year, 2020, the company mitigated part of its results, highlighting the strong momentum that the transition to 5G will entail. In fact, this last message hides the surprise, speaking of «a partial impact from the delay of a worldwide launch of flagship 5G phone«. And is that since no other major flagship phone that uses Qualcomm 5G modems is expected, everything points to that they refer to Apple’s iPhone 12.

According to the chipset company, it would be only a slight delay, hoping that its own earnings will recover during the last quarter of the year. and from October. This in turn would suggest that the first iPhone 12 5Gs might well be announced during the already leaked digital event on September 8, though they might not start selling until a month later. And it is that although it is rare that Apple leaves such a wide gap between the announcement and the availability of its products, it would not be the first time it does so, being the current world situation a great incentive to repeat this scenario.

The iPhone 12 will not come alone

Thus, it is expected that other devices such as the new generation of smart watches will also be presented during this event. Apple Watch Series 6Although they do not seem to offer any changes with respect to their basic design, they will have various new features and functions to enhance sports and health functions. Although it is also expected an update for the iPad family, whose series of tablets celebrates its first decade on the market this year.

Finally, the arrival of the call is also expected AirPower, a wireless charger in mat format that would return after its cancellation last year, and with which you can charge devices such as the iPhone 12, or accessories such as the Apple Watch or AirPods from anywhere on its surface.







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