Microsoft Surface Duo sets release date for late August

Just a week ago we were talking about how the surface duo it had just passed some major certifications like the FCC and SIG, heralding an imminent arrival for the Microsoft flip phone. Now, this wait can be counted already in days, having leaked that availability and first shipments of the phone will begin to occur starting next August 24.

However, we have already seen on previous occasions how the Redmond company usually proceeds, holding a first official presentation event with at least a week in advance to the true availability of your products. And it is that although the Surface Duo were presented for the first time already in the past month of October, that of that occasion could hardly be considered as a small advance, still missing the official confirmation of its specifications and final price.

Of course, many of the specs have already been leaked: It will have two 5.6-inch screens (1800 x 1350 pixels), backed by a Snapdragon 855 chipset, 6GB of RAM, between 64 and 256GB of storage, and an 11MP single-lens camera. As for the connectivity section, we can find support for Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, or the rather surprising limitation to the LTE and WiFi 5 (802.11ac) bands, leaving out both WiFi 6 and 5G networks. Although without a doubt one of the most notable features will be the absence of Windows 10X, delayed along with the arrival of the Surface Neo.

In fact, this decision is one of the main reasons why the Surface Duo remains in a date range close to its original objective and has even been able to anticipate, is that it is an easy device to manufacture. And it is that dodging the great problem of the fragility of flexible screens, and the optimization of a dedicated operating system, in reality it is just an Android phone with a second screen, something that in fact we have already seen in other models .

Although strictly speaking, nor will it be an Android 10 to use, since they will have a launcher and their own user interface as well as all Microsoft services and apps (Bing, Edge, Office, etc.), replacing those of Google.

At the moment we have no choice but to wait a few days to see if Microsoft finally takes the first step and sets a final date for the presentation of the new Surface Duo.






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