Intel will renew the logos of its Core processors

The chip giant has registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office new logos for your processors Intel Core, and the truth is that we have taken a major surprise, since, as we can see in the attached image, they present important changes compared to the current logos.

The first thing that catches the attention of the new logos that Intel will use is the jump to a totally minimalist, simple and without excesses, which contrasts completely with the designs that the company had used in its last generations of processors. I am also struck by the new color scheme and the distinctive “Evo”.

It’s unclear how Intel intends to use those new logos, but I think the hallmarks are likely “Intel” and also “Intel Inside” are reserved for configurations based on the Atom, Celeron and Pentium series, while the Intel Core They will accompany the teams that mount this type of processors.

Going back to Evo badge, it may be a reference to Alder Lake-S, an architecture that will mark a major turning point, as it will combine a block of up to eight high-performance cores with another block of up to eight high-efficiency cores. Both will, in theory, come manufactured in the 7nm process.

It is also possible that this flag is used to refer to Intel’s Lakefield processors, which start from a formula similar to the previous one, that is, from a structure “big.LITTLE”, although in this case a high-performance core (Core) is combined with four low-power cores (Atom).

It makes sense, in fact if you look at the lines of the logos you will see that there is a clear differentiation of geometric shapes that seems to point in that direction, although there is nothing confirmed yet, so we can only wait. On the other hand, the reference “Evo” suggests the idea of ​​”evolution”, In this sense, both Lakefield and Alder Lake-S are, in their own way, two of the most important evolutions that Intel has made so far.

We cannot discard, equally, that it is a distinctive to refer to something totally new. We will be watching to see when the official launch of these new logos occurs.







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