Google One will offer 15 GB of free backup for iOS and Android

Google has announced an update for its cloud storage service Google One, which will offer 15 Gbytes of free space for backups on iOS and Android to any user that you install the application and not only for those who have a paid subscription.

It has a trick. SAlthough the function is free, the space you occupy with the backups will be added to that of other services to calculate the limit of 15 GB that Google offers in free accounts. If you need more, or you delete data from other services of the Internet giant or you will have to subscribe to the payment plans that start by offering 100 Gbytes for $ 1.99 per month.

The update also includes a new administration tool storage for Google One, which will be available in both the mobile client and the Web. It will allow you to delete files and backups as needed, including a search option that makes it easy to find emails with very large attachments in Gmail or large files in Google Drive.

Otherwise, the service is what we know and allows functions how:

  • Manage your storage plan, which includes Google Drive, Gmail and photos and videos in original quality in Google Photos.
  • Create an automatic backup of your phone. A backup copy of all your contacts, photos, messages and more will be securely stored in the cloud. If your phone is broken, lost or changed, you can restore all your content to a new Android device.
  • Get in touch with the support team with a single touch in case you need help with Google products and services.
  • Access member benefits such as Google Store bonuses (up to 10% off), Google Play credit and special hotel prices.
  • Share your plan with up to 5 family members and give everyone access to more storage space and additional benefits.

With this free backup feature, Google is trying to attract more people to Google One subscriptions. After all, the free 15GB storage limit is pretty easy to reach if you use the myriad of services Google offers.

The updated version for Android will be available at Play store in the coming days, while the iOS app will be available soon. This update will only apply to consumer accounts and will not be available to professional G Suite customers.






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