Firefox 79 improves performance with AMD and Intel

Firefox 79 It is the new version of the Mozilla web browser for PC (Linux, Mac, Windows; Firefox for Android is still fallow) and if you expected something new that would get you up from wherever you are sitting, unfortunately this is not the case.

As is customary since Firefox adopted the development cycle and quick releases, even more so since this year, in which the new versions of the browser appear monthly, the news tends to be few and of an incremental type, with some exceptions. And this is not one of those exceptions.

What’s New in Firefox 79

The most striking thing about Firefox 79 is the WebRender support extension, the next-generation web rendering engine Mozilla has been working on and implementing for a long time with the goal of reaching Chrome. And although Chrome does not reach it, it does offer improvements for all regular Firefox users … with exceptions, redundancy.

Thus, the deployment of WebRender support started with Windows 10 and continues there: first with certain configurations based on NVIDIA and later with AMD and Intel, which is where it continues now. For more data, the project wiki, where you can see at a glance how the support of this technology works with the different operating systems and hardware configurations.

For the rest, Firefox 79 collects various fixes, various security patches and also extends the function of Pocket highlights to new regions: after Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, it is Germany’s turn. It is something that four cats will use, but in Mozilla they are determined to continue giving it, so there is nothing else to do except disable it from the options, which is what many users do.

This is at least what Mozilla has to indicate in the firefox 79 release notes, which do not always include all the news that the browser receives. But it is what it is, although it would be great if we were surprised -for good- more often than they do.






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