WindFolk, the Spanish shooter for PS4, shows new images

The Madrid studio Fractal Fall showed new images of its title «Windfolk«, A third person shooter that was preselected in the category«Better use of PS platform»In the edition PlayStation® Awards V. Developed at PlayStation headquarters® GamesCamp in Madrid since the beginning of this year.

In WindFolk the player will control Is in, an expert soldier in the use of the jetpack that sails the skies of Eurian, a colorful and precious world but mired in war. The Coalition seeks to gain control of the Trydian, the valuable mineral that keeps the islands floating in the air. Esen’s goal will be to protect the archipelago by facing enemies and avenging the death of her parents.

The game will be released exclusively for PlayStation soon® 4, both in Spain and in other territories with the support of PlayStation® Talents.

Two different flight modes

Maneuver freely in combat mode or take to the skies at full speed in Turbo mode.

Frantic action

Use your freedom of movement to flank and take advantage of the enemy.

Discover a unique world

Explore a colorful set of floating islands and fly as far as the eye can see.

Improve your equipment

Choose from a wide variety of weapons and modules to configure your own style of play. Upgrade your favorite weapons and …

Master the skies in WindFolk!

Here we leave you the link to the teaser of the game so you can keep an eye on it and see if your teeth get long …






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