The Surface Neo is delayed, it will not arrive in 2020

When Microsoft introduced the Surface Neo, it generated great expectations. It is understandable, after all it was a dual screen mobile device It uses the Windows 10X operating system, a version of Windows 10 adapted, optimized and prepared to guarantee a new user experience.

In this article we already tell you all the most important keys of the Surface Neo. We are not facing a device with a flexible screen like the Galaxy Fold, but before a team that joins two screens, perfectly differentiated, through a hinge. The operating system, and a perfect integration at hardware and software level, make it possible for both screens to work together in perfect harmony, and perform different functions with total precision.

To improve the experience Microsoft confirmed the presence of a magnetic physical keyboard that can be anchored without problems on the lower screen, leaving a small space at the top that we can continue to use with a fully adapted interface. Without a doubt, a very interesting and attractive concept.

Its full specifications did not transcend, but we knew that it would have two 9-inch touchscreens, and that most likely you will mount a Intel Lakefield chip, a hybrid design that, as many of our readers will know, uses a configuration of five cores divided into two blocks, one of high performance (one core Core) and another of low consumption (four Atom cores).

Surface Neo runs out of release date

His arrival was to take place in christmas 2020, a very successful date since it coincides with the Christmas season, but in the end it’s been delayed indefinitely. I can not say that I am surprised, after all one of its most important pillars Windows 10X, is giving Microsoft a lot of problems, so much so that the final version, with Win32 application support, It might not be finished until 2022.

Panos Panay, head of Microsoft’s Surface division, has confirmed that Windows 10X will arrive between the end of this year and the beginning of next, but in a very limited way. That first version will not have local Win32 application support, and will only be available on single-screen devices that have fairly modest hardware.

That is one of the most important keys of Windows 10X, and its main reason for being. This operating system is conceived as an optimized solution with a low consumption of resources that should work perfectly on devices and equipment that are not very powerful, and at low cost. To achieve this, Microsoft has gradually removed layers and shaped a simplified modular operating system which unfortunately has trouble delivering good performance with Win32 applications.

We imagine that, over time, the Redmond company will refine and improve all the key points of Windows 10X, and that once you have a well-finished version you will not hesitate to give a definitive date for the launch of the Surface Neo. Frankly, I think it’s the best, especially considering how bad things have been with Windows 10 S and Windows 10 ARM.







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