Sony prepares a new PSVR for PS5, and Resident Evil Village will be one of the first games to use it

Capcom has carried out a first round of tests with a demo of Resident Evil Village, and thanks to this we have a large amount of information that leaves us both details of the game and a direct reference to PSVR for PS5, a virtual reality kit that, according to the source of the news, is currently under development.

Let’s start with that reference to the PSVR virtual reality kit for PS5, since personally I think it is the most interesting of this information. Since the announcement of the new generation consoles by Sony and Microsoft, we have seen two very clear and totally opposite approaches. The Redmond “pass” for now, and Sony not only did not close the door, Rather, it hinted that developing a new virtual reality kit would be a high consideration, due to the reasonable success of the PS4 kit.

Resident Evil Village will be compatible with the PSVR for PS5

Given that virtual reality has not yet come to fruition in the technology sector, it is worth asking if it really is a wise decision. Personally I have conflicting feelings, on the one hand the idea of ​​a new PSVR for PS5 seems right to me because, thanks to the leap in hardware level that said console will give, it would be possible to shape more complex, better-resolved and more interesting projects, but by Same time I have doubts about interest and real support that I could get to receive.

What can I say, nobody likes the idea of spend 200 or 300 euros on a peripheral that will have minimal support, and that you will only have two or three really interesting titles to your credit. This was, broadly speaking, what happened with the virtual reality kit for PS4, although curiously Resident Evil 7 was one of the most attractive games it received.

Resident Evil Village will have, as happened with the previous installment of the franchise, a version for virtual reality, but Capcom does not plan to show it until Sony is “ready”. More clearly impossible, we will not see that version for virtual reality until Sony has prepared the PSVR kit for PS5, and this new game will serve to show the benefits of said kit.

Resident Evil Village worked on a PS4 Pro

It was another of the things that surprised me the most about this information, that the demo of Resident Evil Village worked on a PS4 Pro, according to those who had the opportunity to test it. Capcom said at the time that the game will not reach PS4 or Xbox One because they do not have enough power to move “their vision” of Resident Evil Village, that is, because they would have had to make very important sacrifices that would end up changing the game, due to the limitations of both consoles at the hardware level.

The fact that Resident Evil Village works on a PS4 Pro suggests that we could see a version for said console, and also for Xbox One X. Interesting, since only the owners of PS4 and Xbox One would be left out, and yes, it makes sense, since those who bought a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One X recently will not have to see how their “new and new” console begins to be abandoned sooner than might be desired.

Sony is preparing a new PSVR for PS5, and Resident Evil Village will be one of the first games to use it. 33

Well, we know that Resident Evil Village could be one of the first games to take advantage of the PSVR virtual reality kit for PS5 that Sony is, in theory, finishing development, and that could reach PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. We already have both main courses, now we are going for dessert. These are the other most interesting news about Resident Evil Village that have come out thanks to that demo:

  • Enemies have rotten, pale, and tattooed skin, but they don’t fit like zombies. They wield blades (swords, axes, pikes, spears, and the like), and fit into the concept of livestock that we saw in Resident Evil 4.
  • The demo took place in an impressive castle, where lighting plays an important role (Will you have ray tracing on PS5 and Xbox Series X?). Another reminiscence of Resident Evil 4.
  • Ethan is the protagonist, and in this demo his main enemy is Olga, a kind of “witch” who handles swarms of insects at her whim.
  • The weapons used in the demo are a gun, a knife and a torch to scare away insects.
  • An older woman appears with a somewhat ragged appearance that will, in theory, same role as Resident Evil 4 peddler.







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