Metal Gear Solid 5. Unlocked The Secret Ending.

The players of Metal Gear Solid 5 in PS3They have finally been able to unlock the secret ending of “Metal Gear Solid”. Something that was initially considered impossible.

The last cry of Hideo Kojima with Konami, in Metal Gear Solid 5, is loaded with critical messages about war and the nature of armed conflict around the world. This is especially obvious when the game solves the way in which some of the world’s superpowers deal with the responsibilities of nuclear weapons. Most impressive is the secret ending of Phantom Pain.


In fact, the secret ending of «Metal Gear Solid 5»Is so difficult to achieve, that players still believe that the first appearance of this finale was because Konami stepped in to achieve this goal. However, it seems that the players of the Metal Gear version for PS3. They have finally teamed up years after MGS’s debut, to unlock an ending known as «Nuclear disarmament«.

As mentioned above, the only other time that the end of the Nuclear disarmament It was due to an incident in which each player’s nuclear weapons suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. Therefore, for gamers on a PS3 server, performing this task without the developer’s enforced help, which many assume was behind the original demise of nuclear weapons, is an incredible feat among the community. It is even more surprising considering the fact that Konami It has strayed so far from the series that it has scrapped the Metal Gear Solid 5 engine. Essentially ceasing any future operations on the title indefinitely.

The first reports about the ending being seen imply that this was a massive effort from the players. Or at least everyone on the server saw the direction he was going and decided to take the opportunity. However, a reserve would have been all it took to derail the entire operation and make the efforts of every player who participated go essentially in vain.

Winning the end of Metal Gear Solid 5 Nuclear Disarmament is now a small feat. And honestly there may never be a challenge like this ever released to gamers.

Here we leave you the link to a video that has been uploaded by one of the many players.






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