Two iPads linked by an adapter, Apple’s rival for the Surface Neo

The Surface Neo has generated great expectations thanks to its concept of dual touch screen, an approach that Apple could adopt in its own way thanks to a patent which shows two iPads linked by a connector as particular as interesting.

It is not a new device with a double screen, but an adapter that would allow use two iPads together as if they were a single system. As we can see in the attached image, that adapter could take different positions, and it is said that it could also work with other iOS-based terminals, including the iPhone.

We have a concept that, of course, is very interesting. The fact that this adapter run smoothly from different angles it translates into great freedom of movement, and the possibility of creating different form factors. At the functional level, this ability to convert two joined iPads, or two joined iPhones, into a single, larger iPad or iPhone is very attractive, since we could create a totally new device joining two terminals.

As in the case of the Surface Neo, this adapter will allow use one of the screens as a keyboard, As a touch panel to control certain actions and we can also assign other different functions. In order to function properly, you will use the Smart Connector, which means that we can only use two joined iPads that have this connector.

We will stop for a moment at this point, since the fact that reference is made to the use of the Smart Connector iPhone already suggests that Apple could take this connector to its flagship smartphone, something that has already been rumored on more than one occasion, although until now it has never been fulfilled.

Two iPads linked by a connector: genius or error?

Personally, the patent seems like a good idea, and the general concept behind it is quite interesting. I think developing an intelligent connector that allows us use two devices to create something “new” it’s a more attractive approach for the average user than launching a dual-screen device.

However, that assessment is conditioned on something very important, and that adapter is you must be able to truly unify both devices to create a unique user experiencea, that is, equivalent to what we would get with a native dual-screen device, without cracks or compatibility problems.

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that this concept would not have to be limited to two joined iPads, or to two joined iPhone, that is, Apple could take it further and allow the interconnection of an iPad and an iPhone, for giving a simple and easy to understand example.

A connector of this type would be perfectly viable, but at the moment we are only facing a patent, an idea on paper, so remember that it does not have to materialize.







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