Spotify and Chromecast now allow direct streaming from the PC

The non-voluntary couple formed by Spotify and Chromecast is as popular as it seems, and it is that if the first is the most used music on demand service in the world, the second is one of the ‘broadcasters of streaming‘best sellers in its category, but the most. Until now, however, they did not get along as well as they should or, in more appropriate words, they did not integrate as well as one would expect.

Until now, if you wanted to use Spotify and Chromecast to stream music from the PC app to your TV, you had to make a strange bypass in which the Spotify mobile application was an indispensable piece to listen to the music you love so much. Which, obviously, did not make much sense because for that you use the mobile application directly and you save yourself from going around more.

But all that is over and hereinafter, with the new version of the application (1.1.38), Spotify and Chromecast are already working as they should have been for a long time, that is, you can now send the broadcast of the music you are playing in the PC application directly to where you have Chromecast connected. Usually your smart TV … or dumb, as long as it has an HDMI input.

After all, the most interesting thing about dongles Chromecast type is not to replace the capabilities of your smart TV, although there are so bad that it is a solution; but to give a television to a television that cannot connect itself to the Internet. The new integration between Spotify and Chromecast is a clear example of that vidilla.

How do you connect Spotify and Chromecast? As you did until now: you go to the menu of connected devices and look for the one that corresponds, only that you no longer need anything to have your mobile handy with the application for Android or iOS ready to act as intermediate controller. Perhaps it is more comfortable like this; but the possibility of doing it or not doing it in such a way, finally exists.

Spotify and Chromecast already work as expected, then, at least as far as the applications of Spotify for Windows and Mac it means. The Linux application has not yet received the update and the web application does not seem to have either. But it should be a matter of time that they do so given that they are based on the same infrastructure and that Chromecast support is widespread in all kinds of hardware and software.







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