PS5 sides are removable and customizable, new business for Sony?

One of the most criticized aspects of the design of the new Sony console were, without a doubt, the sides of PS5, those white ‘fins’ that cover the chassis and that are completely finished in plastic. Its objective is to give a touch of distinction to the console, but the truth is that not everyone liked it, and that more than one directly advocated its deletion.

If you are one of them you will be happy to know that, according to a new leak, those PS5 side flippers are removableThat is, they can be easily removed, and they are also customizable. If you do not like the color white there is no problem, if you are a little handyman you can remove them, paint them in another color and put them back. But this is not all, Sony could also take advantage of this feature to market custom fins with specific designs.

It makes a lot of sense, really. Until now, the Japanese company has limited itself to marketing consoles with custom designs that reach the market in very limited print runs. This practice represents a small “spike” at the income level, but it is short in duration and forces the user to purchase a new console. The idea of ​​customizable side flaps assumes lower but sustained peak income throughout the lifetime of PS5.

What happens if we remove the PS5 side fins?

Well in principle nothing, in the cover image you can see a render that shows how would the console be without these wings, and the truth is that it looks so good that I dare say I like it better like that, without those wings.

It is clear that the chassis that Sony has used in PS5 is rectangular, and that it has not been cut with the length of the same, but with the thickness. It will be interesting to see how the Japanese company has distributed the components inside the PCB, although unfortunately there are still a few months until the first exploded views begin to arrive.

Thanks to these images we have also been able to estimate how high PS5 will be: between 40 and 45 centimeters. They are even higher values ​​than we imagined, since the first information suggested that this console was going to measure around 37 cm high.

The launch of PS5 will take place on November 20 of this year, according to the latest information. It will be equipped with a Zen 2 eight-core CPU and sixteen threads at a maximum of 3.5 GHz, it will have a Radeon RDNA 1.5 GPU with 2,304 shaders, it will have 16 GB of GDDR6, it will mount a Tempest 3D sound chip and it will use an SSD 825 GB high performance with speeds of 5.5 GB / s. Its price will be approximately between 399 and 499 euros, although some rumors point to 349 euros.







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