OnePlus Nord endurance test: will it succeed?

The well-known youtuber and smartphone expert JerryRigEverything has published an interesting stress test of the OnePlus Nord, a smartphone that was officially presented last week, and that as we saw at the time brings a mid-range premium configuration maintaining a very interesting price.

In this OnePlus Nord endurance test we have been able to confirm that the Chinese company has used glass on both sides of the terminal, something very positive since it gives it a higher quality finish, but the frame is not metal. When the presentation of the terminal took place, everything seemed to indicate that yes, it was made of such material, in fact, some analyzes wrongly indicate that it uses a metal frame. It is not intentional, and in fact has an explanation, this framework brings a coat of metallic paint which makes it very difficult to identify who really is from plastic.

As we can see in the attached video there is no doubt, the pieces of plastic that jump when passing the cutter confirm the presence of that combination of materials that we have said, plastic and metallic paint. If we focus on the first results of this resistance test of the OnePlus Nord we can draw quite good conclusions, since the screen does not scratch until you reach level six, and the cameras are properly protected against scratches.

The fact that the frame is plastic places the OnePlus Nord at an intermediate level compared to other mid-range models, which also use this material to reduce costs. However, this model uses glass on both sides instead of plastic, which separates it from other cheaper models and contributes, in part, to justifying its higher price.

OnePlus Nord resistance: final assessment

We should not be scared by the end of the video. It is clear that this endurance test of the OnePlus Nord did not end well, and that said smartphone seems to have structural weakness in the mute button area which probably could have been avoided using a metal chassis, but keep in mind that the pressure you are subjected to in that test is not normal at all, that is, it is not something that you will have to endure in normal use.

If we take a look at the damage that it can suffer as a result of normal use we see that, in general, this resistance test of the OnePlus Nord yes it has a positive ending. As we have said, both sides of the smartphone are protected by glass and offer a good level of resistance to scratches.

The OnePlus Nord presents sacrifices in terms of build quality and quality of finishes, that is clear, and it is not exactly a cheap smartphone, but its price-performance ratio is more than acceptable, and has an overall reliability good enough to guarantee a long, trouble-free life.







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