Intel announces the Core i9-10850K, another low-priced 10-core CPU

Intel has announced the launch of the Core i9-10850K, a new model that had been rumored in previous weeks and is now official to be integrated into Intel’s vast catalog of processors.

Core i9-10850K is a Comet Lake-S series CPU for desktop computers. Intended for the high-end manufacturer, it offers 10 cores and 20 threads native processing with frequencies ranging from 3.6 to 5.2 GHz with Turbo Boost. To give you an idea: for all purposes it is a 10900K (the top of the range of the platform) with a clock speed of 100 MHz below.

According to Intel, “The i9-10850K is motivated by feedback we have received from customers, to further expand options and different price points.” Critics say the firm may have trouble reaching the Core i9-10900K frequency and hence the release of a new version. It really makes little sense to bring up that question now, since is a known technique that manufacturers (also AMD) have always practiced. The chips are identical, but based on final validation tests including stability tests at certain frequencies, the CPU is sold as one model or the other.

Core i9-10850K, as the top of the range at the best price

Otherwise, except for those 100 MHz clock speeds, it’s all the same:

  • Manufacturing in 14 nm ++ technological processes.
  • Unlocked multiplier for easy overclocking.
  • 20 Mbytes of third level cache.
  • Integrated Intel HD 630 graphics.
  • Support for 40 PCIe 3.0 lines.
  • Support dual channel DDR4-2933 memory.
  • Intel Optane support.
  • 125 Watt TDP consumption.

Support for Thermal Velocity Boost technology must allow frequencies of 5.2 GHz (single core), 4.8 GHz with all active cores and 5.0-5.1 with Turbo Boost. In summary: extremely powerful in power for all types of users as we saw in the previous results in Geekbench, almost identical to those offered by the top of the range.

The Core i9-10850K maintains compatibility with Intel’s Z490 chipset-based motherboards with LGA-1200, H470, and B460 socket. Its price has been set at $ 453, about $ 35 less than the official cost of the Core i9-10900K. It is not too much, but it will not lose appreciable user performance either. The tenth generation of Core desktop processors is as follows:

It is always positive to have more alternatives. Before we claimed them from AMD and the truth is that it has caught up with the Ryzen. Intel is in the process of overcoming the troublesome transition in manufacturing technologies with the 10nm desktop Alder Lake, while AMD is preparing to launch ZEN 3.






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