GIGABYTE Introduces AORUS Gen4 SSD, Fastest in Client Storage

GIGABYTE has announced new versions of the AORUS Gen4 SSD series, M.2 NVMe solid state drives with support for PCI-Express 4.0 that pass as as fast as it can be installed in client storage.

GIGABYTE was one of the first manufacturers to market solid state drives for the most advanced version of the port that dominates the internal architecture of PCs and that until now only supports AMD on the most modern motherboards for its Ryzen processors.

The first AORUS Gen4 SSDs from the Taiwanese firm were offered in the summer of 2019 and had the characteristic of being protected by a full body copper heatsink and a high conductivity LAIRD heating pad to enhance heat dissipation during operations.

The company has now decided to launch variants In this series, they lack this type of full passive cooler and instead use only a thin layer of copper that works as a heat sink and includes the product label.

The reason behind this release is to allow users to use the M.2 heatsink delivered on the mid-high end motherboards for the AMD platform. This should help to offer more content final sale prices.

Otherwise, the units are the same. They employ toshiba memories Bisc4 Nand Flash 96-layer (best in the industry), external cache with an undisclosed amount of DDR4 memory and a state-of-the-art controller Phison E16 which is responsible for extracting the maximum potential from these units.

Its performance in data transfer is outstanding, up to 40% over the best SSDs to PCIe 3.0, which translates into sequential read speeds of up to 5,000 MB / s. Especially important is its performance in sequential writes reaching 4,400 Mbytes per second. In sequential read / write its performance rises to 700K.

AORUS Gen4 SSD, versions

Gigabyte will market three versions according to storage capacity, adding the novelty of an entry model focused on the user who wants a cheaper NVMe SSD, and complete equipment with other types of units for mass storage.

  • 500 GB (GP-AG4500G)
  • 1TB (GP-AG41TB)
  • 2 TB (GP-AG42TB)

Gigabyte will offer five years warranty for these units. A prompt availability in the international market is expected. No price has been provided. The 500GB drive should be economical considering that it has lowered the cost of the heatsink and performance compared to its older siblings.






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