Whatsapp on various devices: a close reality?

Being able to use WhatsApp on various devices is, without a doubt, one of the main and longest-standing wishes of its users. And it is more than understandable, since lThe times when we were tied to a single device are long past. Either because we use more than one smartphone, or because at times we prefer to manage our communications from a tablet, we are talking about a limitation that, today, goes against the use that many users would like to give.

This, for years, has given rise to the proliferation of apps developed by third parties to allow WhatsApp to be used on various devices and which, of course, are supported by the WhatsApp Web function, that is, that they are just a browser that points to the WhatsApp web service page, with the limitations that this model entails.

At first, it made sense that WhatsApp could not be used on multiple devices, given that the user ID was their phone number. AND, except for very specific exceptions, nobody has the same number on two or more devices. In this way, user identification was uniquely facilitated, as well as the maintenance of their contacts in the event of a change of terminal and others. However, this changed definitively when, when changing the number, but not the device, the account was allowed to be maintained.

At that point it was already clear to us that, regarding the operation of the system, the telephone number is no longer the user’s unique identifier and, therefore, there was no logical reason not to be able to use WhatsApp on multiple devices. But despite this, this limitation has continued to exist to this day. Something surprising, if we consider that we are talking about a service that does not usually skimp on news.

However, and according to WABetaInfo reports, this could be about to change, since the latest beta version for Android has a new function to use Whatsapp on multiple devices. Specifically, it is version, which has been uploaded by Facebook to Google Play Beta. In the same, as reported by this medium, a new function to add other devices to the account has been included in the same menu where Whataspp web sessions and desktop clients are controlled.

At the moment it is a hidden configuration section, which indicates that the company is working on it. That is to say, We should not interpret this as being able to use WhatsApp on multiple devices is going to be imminent. It is possible, probable even, that it is still necessary to wait a while and even that this function undergoes changes from this moment until its arrival.

In its current state, as deduced by WABetaInfo, Whatsapp on several devices would have a limit: fourFive if we count the first, from which access to the rest is allowed. It is also not known whether the others will have the same administration capabilities on the user’s account or, on the contrary, and as with the web and desktop versions, they will be more limited in this regard. And it is that, being the first case, the nuisance would end when, for example, wanting to transfer an account between iOS and Android.

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