A new Nintendo Direct would be scheduled for the month of August

The last Nintendo Direct came out of what we knew until now as Direct and offered an event focused exclusively on third-party video games. That is why we were able to learn information about video games such as Shin Megami Tensei V, among others. Now it seems that Nintendo would be preparing another digital event for the month of August, which would be added to the rumored State of Play that God of War 2 would announce.

Nintendo Direct in August?

The user King zell has filtered in Resetera that Nintendo will make a new Direct in August. It has done so through a message that clarifies that the information does not have to do with the video games mentioned above, but with the celebration itself of a new Nintendo Direct. This means that your comment does not imply the announcement of any of the video games discussed in the thread, but it could involve new video games, as previously happened with Paper Mario: The Origami King, a game that the user himself advanced on Twitter.

Another relevant fact is that King Zell has admitted that it is the first year in many that August is approaching and still does not know which video games will arrive in the fall to Nintendo Switch. For this reason, he has commented in a personal capacity that Nintendo would be working on renowned video games and new weapons to balance the balance for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

In summary, we can intuit that if a Nintendo Direct were held in August, it would be focused on balancing the balance with Sony and Microsoft. Let’s remember that Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are new generation consoles and that Nintendo a priori will not join the generational change with a new Nintendo. We will then have to wait until August to know if Nintendo will make a new Direct and what news it will bring.






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