Telegram debuts profile videos, increases file size to 2GB and more

Just got a new version of Telegram And if as a rule these launches come well with a great novelty, or with several minor novelties, the case at hand is the second and if it is distinguished from the latest updates of the messaging service, it is because in addition to the mobile application, it also the PC application takes its own.

The first thing that stands out in the official announcement are the profile videos, which is exactly what the name of this function implies: in addition to an image, from now on you can put a small video on your profile, with the possibility of improving the quality of the recording with a filter, adding stickers animated and select a specific moment of the video as ‘snapshot’ for your avatar in chats.

Speaking of snapshots, this new version of Telegram also debuts a new feature called ‘soft skin‘You can already imagine what it is for and it works with any photo or video you take with the device’s front camera. Can’t imagine it? Well, it consists of a new editing option to be more handsome.

Other news of this new version of Telegram is that of «mini-miniatures»That are shown in the message list when someone has sent you a multimedia file, so that you can quickly identify what it is; the same kind of statistics that were implemented in the channels, but for groups and with a wider limit that it is intended to go even lower (from 500 to 100 members); new animated emojis have been added…

And more news: the «modepeople near you»Will now show you how close these people really are to you and will suggest a sticker “to break the ice”. On the contrary, if you go from social and want to reduce the inconvenience that this entails, a new switch has been added in the privacy and security settings to automatically archive and mute new chats of people who are not among your contacts.

Exclusively for the Android application at least for the moment, Telegram has renewed the design of the audio player and improved the video editor, with which you can now crop and rotate videos. And exclusively for the PC application, it is still a change that was due, it is already possible to identify with multiple accounts at once. As with the mobile app, the limit is three accounts.


Last but not least, this new version of Telegram has increased the maximum size of files that can be uploaded to cloud storage to save or share, from 1.5 GB to 2 GB.






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