Apple event on September 8? iPhone 12, Watch, iPad, AirPower …

The next Apple event will be held on September 8th, according the information published on Twitter by @ihacktu, a filter with a long history of leaks that not only bets on one but on two conferences in the same month.

The dates fit. September has been the month chosen by Apple in recent years to present its new generations of smart phones. Last year the iPhone 11s were announced on September 11. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic crisis have posed new challenges in launching electronic products, and more than a few have been delayed.

This will not be the case for Apple if the rumors are confirmed, although it is worth emphasizing that this year there could be more distance than usual (very short at Apple) between the presentation and the availability of the products.

The iPhone 12 will be the star of the next Apple event. Despite the drop in sales, smartphones are still the product that provides the most income and benefits to those in Cupertino. Three or four different versions are expected, from the standard to the “Pro” and Max “and all with the new iOS 14.

Apple has chosen the September event to present other devices such as its smart watches. Apple Watch Series 6 is on the horizon to increase the company’s dominance in wearables. Without changes in basic design, the novelties will go for new functions to enhance sports and health functions.

Another fixed will be the iPad. The series of tablets celebrated its first decade in the market last January. Apple has dominated the segment since then, but has not escaped the drop in sales. Even so, its inspiration for the creation of hybrid computers (detachables, convertibles, 2 in 1 …) has been clear, offering functions of electronic tablet and also those of a portable personal computer.

Finally, an AirPower is cited, a wireless charger in a mat format already announced, but canceled last year, that would allow charging devices such as iPhone and Watch from anywhere on its surface and would use a USB Type-C cable for its power.

Another Apple event on September 27?

The leaker cites a second conference the same month. It would be completely unusual, but we left it there. The most interesting would be a MacBook and a MacBook Pro under ARM architecture. It seems very soon for Apple silicone … we’ll see.

There is also talk of an iPad Pro (the first Apple tablet with 5G is pending), while the great novelty would be the Apple Glass, the expected augmented reality glasses we have been talking about for years.







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