YouTube Music for Android TV appears… in that way

2020 is consumed and that is what is left of life, it is supposed, to Google Play Music, before being definitively replaced by YouTube Music. That is why Google is working to integrate the new application in as many platforms as possible, including its own, read YouTube Music for Android TV.

Until now there was no application of YouTube Music for Android TV… and still does not exist. However, the service is reaching the televisions governed by Android within the existing YouTube application, which has left one more misplaced: it is not Google’s style, such a bungling, although perhaps it is due to a strategy that has not yet been determined. Has revealed.

Be that as it may, the YouTube Music application for Android TV is coming through an update in which integrates into the YouTube app itself. Matching with a slight overhaul of the interface, a music tab has been added from which to access the most musical face of YouTube, worth the redundancy.

As collected in 9to5GoogleThis integration would have several cutbacks in functionality compared to YouTube Music’s web and mobile app, for example the inability to browse the collection while something is playing, or the embarrassment of do not allow anything to play in the background on free accounts. In return, it does show the playlists or the “daily mix.”

Other new features of this version of YouTube for Android TV include the expansion of the support to watch HDR content on more devices and various performance fixes, but what is most striking is the integration of YouTube Music and for the moment, not for good .

In any case, the clock is ticking and YouTube Music continues to improve by hitting, that is, more or less regular updates with features that were necessary. The migration of the Google Play Music collection was one of them and is already available for everyone, although it will take time to complete it for all users.






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