What is HP Instant Ink, how it works and what you need to register

If you still do not know what HP Instant Ink is, it is likely that you have been away from the current events surrounding the world of inkjet based printing for a while, but do not worry, in this article we will not only tell you what is HP Instant Ink, but we will also explain how it works and what you need to be able to register.

As always, if at the end you have any questions you can leave it in the comments and we will be happy to help you solve it.

We start at the beginning, what is HP Instant Ink?

It is an automated and home ink replacement service that allows us print a certain number of pages paying a fixed monthly fee.

HP Instant Ink eliminates the biggest problems with any traditional printing environment:

  1. We don’t have to control ink levels: That job will be done by the printer, and it will automatically order new ink cartridges from HP before the ones we are using run out.
  2. We also won’t have to go out and buy ink: We will receive the new cartridges at home and without paying any additional cost. The fee is unique, and does not vary.
  3. We will never run out of ink– The printer will work intelligently to check the status of the cartridges, and will make sure you get new units before they run out.

What do I need to register?

If we want to register in HP Instant Ink we must comply a series of fairly simple requirements:

  • A compatible printer is essential since, as we have said, it deals with checking the condition of the cartridges and ordering new units.
  • An Internet connection, necessary to register and for the printer to order new cartridges.
  • Enter a valid email address, where you will receive notifications associated with the service.
  • Enter a valid payment method, where fees will be charged month by month.

If you have doubts about which printers are compatible take a look at this link, in it you will find a listing of all compatible models. You just have to choose the family and model of your printer.

The entire registration process is done online, and you can complete it in a few minutes.

How does HP Instant Ink work?

Through a set of printing plans. Each plan includes, as we have said, a certain number of pages that we can print per month with a fixed fee:

  • Free plan: 15 pages per month for free, 10 additional pages for one euro.
  • Occasional plan: 50 pages per month for 2.99 euros. We can accumulate up to 50 unconsumed pages and buy 10 more pages for one euro.
  • Moderate plan: 100 pages per month for 4.99 euros. We can accumulate up to 100 unconsumed pages and buy 15 more pages for one euro.
  • Frequent printing plan: 300 pages per month for 9.99 euros. We can accumulate up to 300 unconsumed pages and buy 20 more pages for one euro.
  • Professional printing plan: 700 pages per month for 19.99 euros. It allows you to accumulate up to 1,400 unspent pages per month and expand in packs of 20 pages for one more euro.

What is HP Instant Ink, how it works and what you need to register 36

If a month we need to print more pages nothing happens, we have two options:

  • We can buy additional page packs.
  • We can also change plans, both up and down. So, for example, we can change from the occasional printing plan to the moderate printing plan, and then go back to the first one, with no problem. The only exception is in the free printing plan, since once we abandon it we will not be able to return.

To activate our subscription to HP Instant Ink we have to complete the registration process and install the cartridge pack that we will receive in approximately ten days. The billing period will only start to count when we install the cartridges, so keep that in mind.

It is important to make clear that the cartridges we receive they will stop working if we unsubscribe. This is normal since we haven’t bought those cartridgesWe have only paid for a subscription to a service that allows us to print a certain number of pages per month.

Are you concerned about the environment? Well relax, with HP Instant Ink you can recycle all the spent cartridges through the postage-paid envelopes that you will receive with each pack of new cartridges, without having to bear any cost.

What if my printing needs change a lot?

What is HP Instant Ink, how does it work and what do you need to register 38

Nothing happens, you can change your plan at any time, since you do not make any kind of commitment. HP Instant Ink forces you to nothing, you choose at all times what plan you want to be in, and you can print your pages as you want without worrying about costs, as:

  1. A color page is worth the same as a black and white page.
  2. It doesn’t matter what ink you consume, only the pages you print.

At this point it is important to clarify what we can consider as a printed page. HP Instant Ink count as such any page that we have printed with the service cartridges installed in the printer. If we print something by mistake it will count as one page, but the same would happen if we used some cartridges outside the service, we would have used ink, so as we see there is no nothing out of the ordinary.

If one month you do not get to spend all the pages of your plan nothing happens, you will have them accumulated for the next month, and the same goes for any additional pages you have purchased.

How can I change my plan?

It is very simple, we explain it step by step:

  • We have to enter our HP account. It is very easy, we just have to follow this link and enter our access data.
  • We will see the HP Instant Ink main menu and the printer linked to the service.
  • We click on the option on the right that says “Change plan”.
  • We choose the new plan that we want to use.
  • We only have to confirm the new plan and that’s it, we will receive a confirmation email.

Keep in mind that if we change to a higher plan we can choose to have immediate effect or to take effect from next month, but if we change to a lower plan it will only have effects starting next month.

What is HP Instant Ink, how it works and what you need to register 40

How much money can I save with HP Instant Ink?

Much. As you can see in the image above, HP Instant Ink informs you each month of the money you have saved (per year) when printing using this service. In our case, the savings have been 213 euros per year, a considerable figure that, in a monthly breakdown, would be equivalent to about 17.75 euros.

And how much does it cost to print a page with this service? Well, as you will see below It is very economical:

  • With the printing plan of 50 pages a month one page would cost us 0.059 euros.
  • If we are in the printing plan of 100 pages per month the cost per page drops to 0.049 euros.
  • On the 300-page-a-month printing plan the cost is further reduced to 0.033 euros.
  • Finally in the printing plan of 700 pages per month the cost per page is 0.028 euros.

Is HP Instant Ink worth it?

What is HP Instant Ink, how it works and what you need to register 42

The advantages offered by this service speak for themselves, and the answer is a resounding yes. If we are not sure and we want to try it before launching, there is no problem, we can register in the free printing plan and stay as long as we want. HP will send us notices when we are close to running out of our 15 free pages.

With HP Instant Ink we can never worry about ink, we will not have to waste time ordering or going out to buy new cartridges, we can save several hundred euros a year in ink and we will have the opportunity to help take care of the environment, thanks to the recycling program included in each HP Instant Ink plan.

It doesn’t matter if you print a lot or a little, you can change your plan at any time and adapt your subscription to your real needs. And remember that, if at any time you want to unsubscribe, nothing happens, you can do it in a few seconds through your account. You can enjoy HP Instant Ink at your own pace, with total freedom and without compromises.

Okay, and how can I sign you up for HP Instant Ink?

What is HP Instant Ink, how it works and what you need to register 44

If you have doubts when facing the registration process do not worry, we leave you just below these lines a full summary with all steps what you should give

  • The first thing you should do is make sure you have a compatible printer, as we have said above. You can check it when starting the registration process through this link.
  • When we have chosen the printer, we have to do the same with the plan that we want to use. In case we have a prepaid card or promotional registration we can redeem it.
  • If we have an HP account, we only have to enter it, otherwise we will create one. It is a very simple process.
  • We will enter our personal data, including the address where we want to receive the cartridges from the service.
  • Now we turn on the printer, which must be connected to the Internet, and we carry out the process of enabling the printer’s Internet services.
  • A page will be printed with a code that we must enter to complete the link to the service and that’s it, we only have to enter the payment method and the rest of the data.
  • We take one last look to see that everything is in order and nothing else, we are done.







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