This is the touch screen that works without touching it

I assume that by now we all know what a touch screen is and how it works (from a basic perspective). We can interact with it tapping with your fingertips, and we also have the possibility of carrying out specific gestures to carry out specific actions, such as supporting two fingers and making the gesture of opening or closing them to do or to zoom out.

There is no mystery, in the end on a touch screen what we do with our fingers It is the same as we would do in a traditional PC interface with the mouse. In effect, your fingers become the cursor and a peripheral is removed. Without this type of interface it would have been impossible to reach the point of technological evolution in which we are currently, but touch screens also have drawbacks.

One of the most important today is the amount of dirt they accumulate, and the risk they pose of becoming a source of bacteria and viruses. Let’s stop for a moment at this point, think that when you use the smartphone you hardly ever keep your hands clean, in fact many users carry out inadvisable actions such as washing their hands and instantly touching the screen of their smartphone. If it is not clean and you eat, you run an obvious risk.

I think the idea we want to convey is perfectly understood with the example we have set, and that is why experts recommend clean, now more than ever, the screen of our smartphone With some frequency.

Contactless touchscreen, the answer from Cambridge University

A group of researchers at Cambridge University It has been proposed to solve the problem of dirt and the accumulation of viruses and bacteria in this type of screen by developing a touch screen that no need to touch, since it works without any kind of contact. I know you will wonder how this is possible, and you can rest easy, we are going to find out.

Researchers have defined the patent behind this technology as «Predictive touch», and its development has been supported by greats in the automotive industry, such as Jaguar Land Rover. This technology allows the user to scroll through the different options on the touch screen and select them without having to touch it, thanks to a set of sensors that, supported by an artificial intelligence system, are capable of identifying which option the user wants to choose.

It is a simpler concept than it seems, but still interesting and very useful, especially now that we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a highly contagious disease that requires a high degree of hygiene and disinfection to minimize the risk of infection.

Experts have confirmed that this type of screen could be used without problems on smartphones and other mobile devices, and that the technology it relies on is solid enough to function without problems. with people who suffer from nervous problems and tremors.






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