Minecraft, Windows 95 and Doom: the mix you never dreamed of

I really don’t know how to approach this. It is known that I love Minecraft, because I usually comment it whenever I write about The masterpiece the game created by Mojang. One of the things that I usually value very positively about it, is that even without plugins, not mods, simply with the base version, the amount of possibilities it offers is overwhelming, and it doesn’t stop growing with each new version.

In this regard, and I already mentioned it on your occasion, I prefer Minecraft Java to Minecraft Bedrock, since the already huge list of possibilities grows exponentially when we start talking about all kinds of accessories The vast majority of them can be downloaded and installed for free both for individual games and for playing on servers (Java servers, of course, not Realms). And there are plugins and mods for everything, if you don’t know the community modder Minecraft, surely you would be surprised, just remember the adaptation of Harry Potter to the world of cubes.

With this, I want to make it clear that I am aware, very aware, of how active and creative the community of creators of plugins, mods and many other elements is for Minecraft, and that they generally continue to surprise me with quite a few creations. But never as much as today, never as much as when discovering VM Computers, a mod with which it is possible to have a complete and functional computer within Minecraft. Yes, you read correctly, it is not a decorative object, I am talking about a real computer.

In order to function, the mod is supported by the popular virtualization software VirtualBox 6.1.x (the current version is 6.1.12), which you will have to install independently of the mod. Once you have both components, you will have to craft a tablet that will have to connect to the Internet (all this is figurative, within the game) so that you can order your computer, a process in which you will have all the necessary documentation to do it properly.

And from there, with a computer inside Minecraft, the limit is in your imagination … well, and in its technical characteristics. For example, it has already been seen on Reddit a user who has used VM Computers to play doom inside minecraft in a virtual machine with Windows 95, and it seems reasonably playable. So much so that today, at the last minute, I can give it a try too.

Games within other games are nothing new, of course, the first thing that came to mind is The Day of the Tentacle, in which you could play Maniac Mansion. However, in this case the options are gigantic. It occurs to me, for example, that you could create a recreation room like those of the childhood and youth of some of us … damn nostalgia. And, well, which surely has already occurred to many people … how about a very old version of Minecraft within Minecraft? It could be fun. Much.

And you? What game or games would you put on a computer within Minecraft? Any classic from your youth? Any current but undemanding title in terms of resources? Not some game, but some application?







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