Intel prepares Core 10 KA processors, cheaper but … What differences do they present?

The chip giant is working on a new line of Core 10 KA processors. It is not a rumor, it is a reality, in fact already we have been able to see them listed in some European retailers and we even have their possible sale prices, but what exactly are they?

It is a good question, and the truth is that it is difficult to answer with certainty, since Intel has not used the distinctive “KA” until now. All in all, and drawing on logic, these new Core 10 KA processors are most likely versions of the current Core 10 K that will maintain the multiplier unlockedbut they will come with a little lower turbo mode, since the clock frequencies remain intact in the base mode.

In the image that we accompany you can see the price of these new Intel Core 10 KA processors. So that you can make a direct comparison I enclose the price they have their “K” series equivalents.

  • Intel Core i5 10600KA: 277.20 euros, the «K» model costs about 300 euros on average.
  • Intel Core i7 10700KA: 406.29 euros, the «K» model costs 417.90 euros.
  • Intel Core i9 10850KA: 483.65 euros, the “K” model was listed for an almost identical price.
  • Intel Core i9 10900KA: 522.96 euros, the “K” model has a very variable price in Spain, but can be purchased from 533 euros.

What interest would Intel have in launching those Core 10 KA processors?

I think that, deep down, the answer is quite clear, complementing your current catalog with a similar generation but offering more interesting value for money, and respond, in passing, to AMD’s Ryzen 3000XT.

Yes, I know that in terms of absolute value the Ryzen 3000XT they are not well positioned, but they occupy a space in the market that allows them scratch a little fee to the chip giant, and they are perfectly complemented by the Ryzen 3000 and 3000X.

I must say that both the Core i5 10600KA and the Core i7 10700KA would offer a much more balanced value than the «K» series equivalents if they arrive in Spain at those prices, although in value for money They would follow behind the Ryzen 5 3600X and Ryzen 7 3700X.

In the attached table, courtesy of VideoCardz, You will find a complete summary with all the chips that would form the Intel catalog (for general consumption) including these Core 10 KA processors. We do not know when these new chips could reach the market, but since the leak has been presented in the form of a list in several retailers, its launch It could be imminent.







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