FRITZ! Powerline 510E from AVM: take your Internet connection anywhere in your home

Bringing our Internet connection to the farthest corners of our home can be a complicated task, especially if, to achieve this, we have to overcome numerous obstacles. The use of Wi-Fi repeaters is undoubtedly one of the most useful resources, but it is not always the most appropriate.

Think, for example, of a scenario in which we want to bring our Internet connection to a room far away It is located, above, on an upper or lower floor. We have to:

  • Cover a great distance.
  • Overcome walls, doors and other obstacles.
  • Overcome a gap (one floor difference).

In that situation a PLC would undoubtedly be a much more interesting option, since it would allow us to extend our Internet connection without having to worry about all those barriers and obstacles, and also do it directly, without complications.

FRITZ! Powerline 510E to the rescue: Internet in any room

If you find yourself in this situation but you have a tight budget nothing happens, the FRITZ! Powerline 510E is a very economical and very complete solution that will allow you to take your Internet connection to any corner of your home, without effort, and with a minimum investment, since we can find the kit of two units reduced to 48.94 euros.

To use the FRITZ! Powerline 510E we just have to install the first module in a socket near our router, connect it by Ethernet cable and connect the other module in a socket in the room to which we want to take our Internet connection, without further ado. We can connect a console, a PC or any other device via Ethernet cable in that module and we will enjoy a high-performance Internet connection, since this kit reaches a maximum of 500 Mbps.

The FRITZ! Powerline 510E PLC Kit is very easy to use and offers a high level of performance, but at the same time it has a very low consumption. Its consumption in standby mode is less than one watt and consumes two watts on average when active, It integrates seamlessly with AVM’s FRITZ! Box routers and uses 128-bit AES encryption to maintain a secure Internet connection at all times.

Remember that you can change their location without problem, and that their operation is totally «plug and play», that is, you will not have to enter complicated configurations to enjoy a good experience.

Without a doubt a good option if you need to bring your Internet connection to that corner of your home that you thought impossible, but you have a very limited budget.






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