Gorilla Glass Victus will protect your smartphone from drops of 2 meters, but better not throw it

Corning has presented Gorilla Glass Victus, the strongest glass protection system to date for mobile electronics from this specialist manufacturer.

Who has never lost their mobile phone? Depending on the device and the drop, it can be saved. Or destroy some of its components, especially the most delicate ones like the screen or the internal digitizer. And they cost a paste. This is why a large number of users use additional screen protectors and even external full covers.

Manufacturers of mobile devices incorporate their own protection system and Corning solutions are the most used. The company calculates that the different versions of Gorilla Glass are used in more than eight billion devices by more than 45 brands, through the access platform. Mobile Consumer Electronics (MCE) of the company.

His latest and most advanced material is Gorilla Glass Victus. Like the previous ones, it is a thin transparent sheet made from an alkali-aluminosilicate combination that offers high resistance to knocks, drops and scratches. so much so that the company ensures that it can protect the device from falls of up to two meters in height, while other solutions only protect up to 0.8 meters, according to your data.

Corning has also focused on its new solution protecting the section from scratches and scratches, which it claims is four times better than the competition’s offer in laboratory tests. Since movement is demonstrated by walking, we will have to prove it. Or better not, just in case. These types of protections are there to avoid using them …

Certainly, durability is a critical section And it should be one of the most relevant purchasing considerations. As in other sections of current technology (see the section on audio), design rules and it is sometimes difficult to increase the degree of resistance of increasingly thin and fragile terminals.

Corning says Samsung will be the first customer to use Gorilla Glass Victus “In the near future”. Taking into account that the Galaxy Unpacked event will take place in a couple of weeks, it is likely to be one of the novelties of Note 20 or Fold 2.






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