Free TV on Plex, now available to all users

If last December we told you that Plex went one step further to become the universal content platform by offering streaming free of movies and series, it could be said that it has just taken a new step in the same direction, now with free TV for the enjoyment of all its users.

Note that the popular multimedia center already offered a section with current videos published on the Internet, but this is not the same. Free TV means exactly that. The launch of the service includes 80 international channels and like they have done with the streaming of movies and series, they will be adding more little by little.

Similarly, Plex’s free TV is financed with ads -basically with the advertising breaks of the channels themselves- and although it will reach almost all users of the platform, almost everything there is content in English, with exceptions in which some Latin American channels are included.

Continuing with the similarities with the streaming video from Plex, free TV does not have big headers but quite the opposite, although you will recognize more than one of those that also broadcast on the Internet, such as Reuters and Yahoo Finance, IGN TV, Toon Goggles and many others. Not all are available worldwide, but the vast majority are.

Free TV on Plex

“All the free live TV you can watch is now available on Plex. More than 80 channels for the whole family at your fingertips. Children’s content, news, programs, anime, sports, cooking: everything is on Plex and ready to watch ”, announces the company in the official blog, where they review some of the most prominent channels.

That’s exactly what free Plex TV offers: news channels, sports, cartoons, movies -classical, mainly- and some series, music programs, thematic programs of all kinds -travels, hobbies, etc.- and the like. Don’t expect to find yourself on the History Channel or the National Geographic, but there is content to bore.

To watch the free Plex TV you just have to enter the application suitably updated, either through the mobile, the service’s website or your own server and you will see that there is a new option in the menu called Live TV, from where you can access the available grill and anticipate the programming. It doesn’t seem like a great hook to get close to Plex, but if you already use it … There it is.






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