World War Z presents its new Dronemaster update, which includes a new class

World War Z continues to grow, as promised by Saber Interactive, developer of the video game. This is the update announcement Dronemaster, which adds a new class to the video game that will carry its own support drone. In addition, it includes more content and improvements for all platforms. We tell you everything that this update will bring!

World War Z: Dronemaster

Saber Interactive introduces a new class to World War Z for the first time. The Dronemaster update It has the same name as the class in question: It is an operator that will carry a very versatile support drone. Its functions range from stunning stunned zombies, protecting our comrades, to implementing offensive measures such as self-destruction and other defenses. The idea is to have one more support against the numerous hordes of zombies. And it’s completely safe to be in the air!

Also, the update includes fixes and adjustments for weapons with the intention of balancing them. The new weapon upgrade is also interesting: The ACW-20, a low-caliber grenade launcher, but with great mobility.

This entire update is free and accessible to all players. What is not free is the downloadable premium pack Signature Weapons, It includes 4 unique skins for the main characters. This content is included in the Season Pass which can be purchased independently on PS4 and Xbox One.

This is all that the World War Z Dronemaster update includes!






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