Ubisoft offers new details about the Skull and Bones video game

Doubts about Skull and Bones soared with the recent news of its redesign and change of business plan. Now Ubisoft offers more details about its development. Here we tell you everything we know about the pirate video game!

Skull & Bones keeps going

Ubisoft has held a meeting to review the financial results with its investors and analysts. In these meetings certain aspects of the company are reviewed: Income so far and future projects, among other things. Well, this has been an opportunity to relive the information about an apparently disappeared project: Skull and Bones, the company’s ship and pirate video game. Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, has offered details of it.

The Ubisoft CEO has mentioned that the development of the video game keep going already all candle. We know that its launch will take place during fiscal year 2021 along with 1 or 4 other large video games from the company. This reflects that Ubisoft is happy with the new development of the video game and with how the company is doing in general terms. Meanwhile, more workers and managers are fired for wrongdoing.

Finally, there were no comments about the restart of the development of the video game, which we informed you about a week ago. We will have to wait to know new details about Skull and Bones.






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