The Microsoft Surface are put to shot with the summer campaign of discounts

If you are thinking of purchasing a device Microsoft Surface it’s a good moment. The software giant has launched a campaign that offers a 25% discount for its purchase in the Microsoft Store.

Last month marked the eighth anniversary since Steve Ballmer announced the launch of Surface RT. It was the first time that the software giant integrated Windows into its own device and marked the debut of an increasingly wide and interesting line of hardware that has ended up becoming a world technology benchmark.

Celebrating the anniversary, we offered you several special articles to understand what the Microsoft’s ambitious foray into the computer hardware business. Both for the company itself and for the partners that make up the great Windows ecosystem and who have been able to follow in Microsoft’s footsteps after opening formats such as 2-in-1, the most interesting of today’s technology.

We also thoroughly reviewed the current Microsoft Surface catalog and analyzed the last two devices to reach the market, the all-in-one for mobility, Book 3, and the tablet with keyboard that aspires to conquer the throne of the economic 2 in 1, Go two.

Microsoft Surface on offer

All of them have been shot in a campaign called “Save on Surface this summer” that Microsoft has launched in its Spanish store (and in other countries). It will be active until July 29 and offers up to 25% discount on the official sale price of devices such as the following:

  • Surface Pro 7: 899 euros
  • Surface Book 3: 1,530 euros
  • Surface Go 2: 459 euros
  • Surface Laptop 3: 960 euros
  • Surface Pro X: 979 euros

A good time to buy at a discount This type of equipment is certainly not the cheapest on the market as a general rule. And this is basically for two reasons: a quality of construction and finishes well above average and the need for Microsoft to “leave room” for its partners when it comes to positioning their products with prices one notch below.

In addition to the above equipment, Microsoft offers discounts on Packs that include devices, cases, peripherals, accessories and software such as the Microsoft 365 suite. All of them include free technical support, a two-year warranty, free shipping and returns, and special discounts for students. , parents and teachers who qualify.






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