Sky throws in the towel, will close in Spain on September 1

The market for streaming content services has become very competitive, a reality that, together with the impact of COVID-19, has forced Sky to make a very difficult decision: close its doors in Spain. Yes, it is a drastic measure, but necessary, since it had become unsustainable in our country.

There is no other reason behind the sky closure, the cause is purely economic, and it is certainly a shame since we are talking about a veteran service that It had been operating for almost 3 years in Spain, and that it offered an acceptable set of content, although they were mostly cross-platform. It was not at the level of Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime in exclusive content.

It is clear that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic may have taken its toll on Sky’s revenues, but it is also evident that behind this closure there is also another equally clear issue, which in the end he has not been able to compete with his direct rivals, and that he has lost the game against HBO, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

What will happen to Sky in the coming weeks?

If you are a Sky subscriber I am sure you will be asking yourself this question, and I will answer you as clearly as possible. During the next weeks nothing serious will happen, that is, the platform will continue to work both in its web version and in the dedicated application, so you can continue accessing with normality.

You do not have to run to cancel your subscription if you want to avoid being charged a new fee. It is confirmed that from today until September 1, Sky will be totally free, so you know, enjoy the last weeks that you will be active without worrying about money, since you will not have to pay anything.

Until August 31 at 11:59 p.m. it will be possible to see all the content available on Sky, although with an important nuance, and that is that From August 10, some content will be removed due to the termination of agreements that will not be renewed. This means that some of the most important series may no longer be available from that date, so take advantage if you have any pending chapters.

Free subscription offers (one month free trial) will continue to work without problem, and the page that allows you to create an account to enjoy this promotion was still active at the time of writing, but Sky has blocked the standard process of new registrations, so in theory it should not work.






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