Microsoft Cloud PC targets Windows 365

Windows 365 was the name of a cloud operating system from Microsoft, which was rumored strongly more than five years ago. Now, something similar comes to the fore with a new “Cloud PC” service for which job offers have appeared on the Microsoft job site.

In the spring of 2014 an alleged Microsoft software development document appeared where they talked about a Windows 365 in response to Google’s Crome OS. Later, it was ensured that this development never existed. Microsoft gifted the Windows 8.1 with Bing operating system to OEMs to compete with Chromebooks, and the announcement of a free Windows 10 ended by silencing speculation.

However, a year later the rumored operating system was registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office opening the possibility of a cloud-based system that would be offered as a subscription model similar to the Office 365 suite, today converted from Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Cloud PC = Windows 365?

ZDNet has published this week an article where he assures that Microsoft is developing a new offer of «Desktop as a Service» with launch scheduled for spring 2021. Entry is signed by Mary Jo Foley, well connected to Redmond headquarters from where she claims to have obtained the information along with a job offer as director of this program.

The link supplied by the medium returns an error and there is no information from Microsoft, so we cannot confirm it. Yes we have the description of it: «Microsoft Cloud PC is a new strategic offer based on Windows Virtual Desktop to offer Desktop as a Service. In essence, Cloud PC offers enterprise customers a modern, resilient, cloud-based Windows experience and will enable organizations to stay current in a simpler and more scalable way ».

It will be an interesting solution for companies based on an experience of virtualization under the Azure cloud and equivalent to Microsoft 365 in its subscription model. Remember that Microsoft has previously offered versions of Windows as part of various subscription plans (Microsoft 365 / Windows E3, E5, etc.) and currently offers a service called Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD), which is a subscription offer under which Microsoft configures, updates, and manages Windows 10 PCs for commercial users for a fee.

They are all solutions for companies, but it would not be difficult for them to reach the consumer market as has happened with Microsoft 365 Personal. A few days ago we talked about a specific Windows 10 for low-cost computers based on the Core OS that will presumably be the future of Windows systems. Everything is related because it revolves around similar approaches.

If you were already here in 2014 and read the rumors of Windows 365, the concept of the “Cloud PC” as a cloud PC managed by Microsoft It will be very familiar to you.






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